#Together Magazine

Designing a Digital Internal Employee Magazine for BKB and Bank Cler

Client, Year
BKB and Bank Cler, 2016

Fields of Activity
UI & UX Design, Motiondesign and Animation

Introducing #Together

#Together is a digitized internal employee magazine and social platform, based on the previous existing printed magazine. It was created for two of the biggest Swiss banks: Basler Kantonalbank, BKB for short, and Bank Cler. #Together promotes and improves co-worker interactions, information distribution and education by using digital media. It also made content and user management more time and cost effective for the operator and therefore has lots of clear benefits for the project’s customers. The following part of this site shows my design and developmental involvement in this project.

Redefining #Together in the Digital Age

My role in this project was to design various UI elements and UX for different media platforms such as desktop or mobile, including icons, interactions and animations, while fulfilling the highest requirements for accessibility and functionality. The design also had to reflect the previous look and feel of its predecessor, the printed magazine, so I had to redefine and sometimes reinterpret the already existing visual elements in collaboration with others. I was also heavily involved in the implementation of the design in the concept stage while working closely with the development team.

Finally, the result was a media platform that allowed various different kinds of media displays and also added the possibility to integrate interactive content, such as animated infographics, data visualizations or interactive audio records from interviews. At the same time, a layer was added to the platform which allowed social interactions, such as commenting, linking and sharing content with fellow co-workers.

Making a Video Friendly Case Study

After the initial Go-Live of #Together, Crbasel, an advertising agency I was working for, commissioned an animated case study of the project, as its outcome gained a lot of positive feedback from the clients and they wanted to use it as a means of self-promotion for the agency. For this reason, I was commissioned with the task to create an animation telling the story of the creation of #Together. In collaboration with a text writer, I then worked out how to separate the case study into small blocks of visual and textual information by creating large quantities of sketches with notes on context and movement direction. The final conceptual results were achieved by improving and rearranging the sketches until a coherent narrative storyline was created.

Animation and Motion Design

Having the concept was created and approved, I started working on the actual animation, for which I first created the static visual components in Adobe Illustrator and then later imported them to After Effects where they would be turned into micro animations, small separate motions and components that would eventually result in visually representative and interesting scenes.

Project Outcome

The project resulted in the successful realization of a complex digital platform and enabled the replacement of the previous printed magazine for the intranet of BKB and Cler. The client’s response to the finished product was highly positive. The experience of this project, creating approximately 120 final screen design layout pages, as well as the intense cooperation with an external programming team, contributed greatly to my personal interactive design and collaboration skills.