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I'm a designer, entrepreneur, and project manager located in Basel, Switzerland involved in human-centred design and technology.


Selected Work

1. Swica Activo

Activo is a concept created in a partnership with Swica, a leading Swiss health insurance provider. It is a concept for an integrated and inclusive service platform that covers everything related to healthcare access, insurance and mobility. This way, Activo intends on dramatically uplifting the human experience by reducing unnecessary service complexity and by centring the service platform around human needs that were identified through ethnographic studies conducted at the university.

Swica & Hochschule Luzern, 2020

2. Scilit

Scilit is a database of scholarly works, developed and maintained by the open-access publisher MDPI. Scilit is a comprehensive and free to use database for scientists using open methods to collect data and other scientific material. As of 2020, the platform has gathered almost 130 million scientific articles, with over 2 billion citations being tracked. Since 2019 the Scilit project is undergoing an extensive redesign process, which aims at massively enhancing the user experience and software functionalities of the platform based on the design philosophy of human centeredness and accessibility.

Scilit Search Engine, 2021

3. Moore's Law

The game Moore’s Law is an educational game with a text-based story about the potential dangers of unregulated A.I. development. In Moore’s law, the player can grow and develop an A.I. at a rapid pace by accumulating capital and computing power, allowing the player to create an existential threat to humanity. Moore’s law expresses a cold and unease audio-visual environment to the player and experiments with design choices to achieve an engaging explorative experience. The project was developed in partnership with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences.

Hochschule Luzern, 2019

4. Minzel

Minzel is a collaborative mind mapping app that gives users the tools to create, link and play with nodes, cards and lists on a virtual whiteboard. Its simple interface is designed for intuitive use and high accessibility that form a calm and streamlined user experience. Minzel has gained over 40’000 registered users that have collectively created more than 380’000 mindmaps that are used by both individuals as well as organizations such as universities. Since 2018, Minzel’s service has been put to a halt.

Minzel App, 2015



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